Sigvess - Fear Tomorrow [Remix Stems]

by Sigvess

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released March 27, 2015




Sigvess Norway

I'm a producer and a rapper. I try to be the best I can be at what I do, and hope for the best. If I ever finish my album, I don't know where to go from there.

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Track Name: Fear Tomorrow (Acapella)
Like the Amazing Spiderman, I’m Marvel-less,
Obvious I’m gonna bring it till my oxygen
Stops. Piled up just enough bars
to go out of balance. Now tip the towers

This aint a bee sting, because I’m a rhinoceros
Ox or the sort, my horn has turned a ruby color
now I’m a Red Bull, no sense of consequence
Officer can I buy a damn gun off you

Hah, I’ll take it off your hands
Like it was a damn fingernail, figure that
I’ve never been this fast, you could say I’ve been a snail
I spin the flail, make the window shatter

Busting rhymes, Irish up my coffee with some lucky charms
I don’t my fucking arms to pick it up like sith’s in Star Wars
Love is not a victory march so stomp on hearts and hear their sorrow
Love is cruel, and I don’t wanna see the outcome

Don’t believe whatever you thought of tomorrow

There’s a table on the floor and on the table a revolver
living live is grabbing it to spin it for a short burst
Click of approval or shit hits the fan
like a chick idolizing who’s real into scat

Can’t read me like I’m black ink on black mail
fantastically masculine, nasty like rat tails
looking like a freak, I be on the ram page
reading books about sheep in my man cave

Just kidding I don’t read, no not even when I need to,
show this to my parents and they’ll sent back to preschool
Not the stereo type, I prefer my headphones
shut your whore mouth, trying to listen to some white noise

I wanna be in charge, shock therapy
now my heart’s fucked and it’s stuck to the beat
Stop telling me what I want, what I need
Cause I need what I want, and I want to succeed

Wait to see tomorrow
Don’t believe whatever you thought of tomorrow