Souls of The Fallen

by Sigvess

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Souls of The Fallen Is a track originally made back in September 2013, I rewrote the whole thing the year after and recorded a music video, the video turned out cringeworthingly bad, so after giving up I just let It be. But here you go folks. And old track, undoubtedly my best work up to that point.


Bloodshed from all the ones we love
All the souls of the fallen cry
Darkness grows as the war unfolds
And the innocent ride of to die
Where the fuck am I at, got lost on the tracks
Don’t know if I’ll last, can’t navigate maps
As the last one alive there’s no strategy guide
Was all so asinine, not a goal to survive

What’s war crime if there’s no fine for it
All this time no one told its story
Dead men don’t tell tales, graves are too well sealed
Screams of the silent come forth in the death bells

Facing the earth, my face in the ground
Death will occur but my heart is still pounding
Rain pouring down, I remain unannounced
There’s no way I’ll survive in best case I will die quick

(I let you down) Don’t give up on it
Don’t be dishonest
(I’m sorry)Don’t do what I did
Long live, you try

Among living we’ve come a long way
No running, don’t throw it all away
War is dissolving all love, how we’ve fallen
Much has been stolen, hearts have been broken

This song is my token to you, I’ve done spoken
Live through all this bullshit and do what as I wanted
I’m not a true poet, but you see where I’m coming from
As long as you know it, you should know to flee, hide and run

Night has come, my final hour’s round the corner
Don’t feel like I died with no pride nor no honor
Aside from this note I’m a man with distorted
Views of the world, I don’t do as I’m ordered

A mistake, I’m battle scared in this case
Unappreciated like death rattles in a steam game
Either way, please just hear my pray
Seize the day, live through these evil days
Bloodshed from all the ones we love
All the souls of the fallen cry
Darkness grows as the war unfolds
And the innocent ride of to die


released March 10, 2016
The instrumental is mostly set up around the melody from Flåklypa (Pinchcliffe Grand Prix), an old Norwegian classic movie. The song was originally composed by Danish musician Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, but changed up quite a bit by me to fit this instrumental. And this isn't the first time someone took that melody for a rap song.

The singing of the chorus was performed by the very talented Sam Synthis.




Sigvess Norway

I'm a producer and a rapper. I try to be the best I can be at what I do, and hope for the best. If I ever finish my album, I don't know where to go from there.

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